Dashboard. Content at your finger tips.

The Dashboard is the entry point of the editorial experience and provides editors an easy way to get started with their most common tasks. Editors can return to the Dashboard with one click from anywhere in the CMS. Modules can be rearranged on the page to suit the specific needs and/or preferences of each editor. Editorial Documentation.

Find content quickly.
Site map enables quick access to content on the site.
See what's going on.
Recent activity provides quick access to recently published content.
Create new content.
Commonly used content types are always front and center.
See content that is scheduled to be published in the future.

Work Streams.

Using work streams you can efficiently share work amongst multiple editors. Find content that needs work, create a work stream and share it with your editors. Each editor will see unique content from the stream. No wasted effort from multiple editors seeing the same content.

Bulk Upload.

Upload files in bulk, directly from the desktop to the dashboard, either through a selection menu or through drag and drop. Files are uploaded as drafts to allow editors to edit them before publication.


Manage multiple sites from one CMS. This feature is critical to streamline publishing workflows across multiple sites that share the same content. Brightspot CMS can maintain unified taxonomies and tagging strategies, templates and modules. A common editorial experience grants dramatic efficiencies for shared editorial teams across multiple sites.

Search. Find your content.

Traditional CMSs often impose content hierarchy that editors have to navigate to find the items they need to publish. Brightspot CMS removes that arbitrary limitation with a full-featured content search capability. Instead of clicking through directory structures, editors can simply search using any text string they believe would point to the item.

Filter by field.
Limit your search by a content type's fields.
Saved Searches.
Save your favorite searches and access them anytime.
Persistent results.
Recent search results stick around until you're done with them.

Edit. Powerful editing tools.

The heart of Brightspot CMS is it's powerful editing tools. Each content type is displayed to make editing as simple and painless as possible. With rich text editing, robust image editing and friendly URLs you have control over your content.

Rich text editor.
Format text content from within the tool and add enhancements such as photos and videos.
Friendly URLs.
Friendly URLs are automatically generated based on the content.
Crop your images.
Quickly and easily crop your images.
Text overlays.
Add text overlays with custom CSS to your images.
See where your content is used.


Brightspot CMS provides an intuitive calendar interface, allowing editors to pick a specific date, hour and minute for content to be published in the future. Upcoming scheduled content is shown in a dedicated module. You can have as many schedules you like for each piece of content.


The moderation workflow supports filtering of content by states, dates, moderator and type of content. Various states can be assigned to the content as it flows through the workflow. Escalation to a moderation supervisor is supported. When moderating, the workflow keeps the moderator in context by pipelining the various pieces of content as a continuous stream of moderation tasks.


Brightspot CMS enables editors to manage multiple variations of any content object in a streamlined fashion. For instance, multiple language variations of the same content article can be referenced and manipulated as one item. Similarly, multiple variations can be used to publish the same article to multiple device templates (desktop, tablet, phone).

Production Guides.

Contextual help for editors providing publishing guidelines for your content. This consolidates everything in one place and greatly improves the consistency of the experience across the editorial staff. It also greatly reduces the amount of training needed for any new member of the editorial team, as all contextual explanations are just a click away within the page they are about to publish.


The Cross-Linker tool in Brightspot CMS automatically adds links to selected words or phrases within articles. Besides facilitating discovery of new content, internal or external, by site users, Cross-Linker helps build search engine optimization for keywords of interest and allows targeted linking that can line up with business needs, such as promotions and sponsorships.

Roles & Permissions.

Brightspot CMS enables the creation and management of a wide variety of roles with granular permissions associated with each. Permissions can be set at all levels of the content hierarchy, for any subsection of the sites, and for any role.

Preview. See your changes instantly.

See how changes to your content look in real-time. Preview how it will look across different mobile devices. In full-screen mode see your content side-by-side with live preview.

Your content.
Edit your content on the left.
Live Preview.
See a live preview of your changes on the right, for any device.